Initially the topic of Zoe Quinn was heavily censored on all major gaming websites and many forums. Even now there are many sites censoring opinions that do not agree with the general SJW point of view.

Please note that these examples of censorship were not made to suppress harassment, they were all aimed at regular discussion of the issue.

Reddit users have been a huge victim of this censorship, over 25 thousand posts have been deleted and many users have been banned by a moderator that is friends with Zoe Quinn.

Youtube user MundaneMatt had a video taken down by a false DMCA. The video has since been reuploaded and later even the false DMCA was revoked.

Many gaming websites like Polygon censor any comment disagreeing with their opinion on the topic, most of these comments are being deleted without warning or notice, sometimes even the user who posted them is banned.

Even on the steam forums people have been banned for criticizing Zoe's Depression Quest.