Here are a few links to Youtubers that support #GamerGate and a short summary of what they do.

MundaneMatt made one of the first if not the first video about the original topic of Zoe Quinn, this video was taken down by a false DMCA claim but has since been reuploaded. This false DMCA claim was among the first examples of blatant censorship that was originally used to keep the issue suppressed and it let to other videos covering the topic. Since the events moved on from Zoe to #GamerGate Matt has uploaded many videos explaining the situation and giving advice on how to deal with this.

InternetAristocrat followed up on Matt's video being taken down and has greatly contribitued to making this issue well known. After his first video covering the topic he released two others that focused more on the general corruption in the gaming press and on #GamerGate.

Boogie2988 joined #GamerGate to show his view on the "Gamers are dead" articles and explaining that gamers are not the sexist people they are accused of.

Sargon of Akkad as well covered the "Gamers are dead" articles, exposing the double standards and massive dishonesty the gaming press displayed. He also did multiple videos discussing #GamerGate and corruption in the gaming press.

Thunderf00t already did multiple videos calling out Anita for her dishonesty and poor research and now covered the #GamerGate scandal as well.